Ancient tradition. Modern yogi.

“This yoga should be practised with firm determination and perseverance, without any mental reservation or doubts.” BHAGAVAD GITA

Course coordinator, founder and instructor of the Babaji Institute of Kriya Yoga, Sri Atman holds a BSc in Yogic Science, attained at the SVYASA Yoga University in Bangalore during 2012, and has been a yoga student and practitioner since 2003. Currently studying and practicing Kriya Yoga under the guidance of Swami Shankarananda Maharajji (a direct disciple of Kriya Master Yogiar SAA Ramaiah), Sri Atman established the Babaji Institute of Kriya Yoga in 2006. The Institute offers yoga classes, seminars and retreats all year around. With more than 10 years yoga instruction experience, Sri Atman has taught in excess of 1000 students and is a registered instructor with Yoga Alliance USA. Sri is also a Reiki Master and Healer and he has authored two books on yoga, Way of Kriya Yoga (Tamil), and TTC Training Manual. Residing in Sydney, Australia.